Kitchen Solution

  • Tandembox Drawer System
  • Lift System
  • CLIP Top Hinges
  • Tall Storage
  • Cutlery Organiser
  • Corner Solution
  • SERVO-DRIVE Inside
  • Lighting Solutions

Tandembox Drawer System

Our proven TANDEMBOX pull-out system offers limitless design options. Be inspired by the exciting solutions presented across three drawer ranges. With additional special applications, including SPACE CORNER for corner cabinets, U-shaped drawers for sink units and matching ORGA-LINE inner dividers. the possibilities are endless. Innovative technology and elegent styling are in perfect harmony with integrated BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing and SERVO-DRIVE for electric opening.


Lift System

Choose AVENTOS lift systems for smooth, flowing motion. Even wide cabinets glide open and hold in any position. And thanks to BLUMOTION, they close again silently and effortlessly.

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, the electrical opening support system for lifts

CLIP Top Hinges

Regardless of the size or weight of the door - with CLIP top, you can realize practically any application. CLIP top hinges can also be equipped with the clip-on BLUMOTION.


Tall Storage

CONVOY Centro - Bringing tommorrow's standards forwards to today.

Perfect storage saves a great deal of time and money, increases flexibility - and is now easier than before!

Cutlery Organiser

Corner Solution

An invention to inspire inventiveness. Depending upon use, the LeMans/slide corner shelves can be placed in the cabinet at the users discretion. Two, three or even four on top of each other. This yields so far unheard of possibilities for kitchen design and equipment. The LeMans Highboard is a fine example of how the elegant ARENA look can even tranform simple crockery cabinet into fascinating high end solutions.


Imagine perfect motion - that's what we do.

Furniture that open and close effortlessly - every time. Our commitment to perfecting motion for perfect furniture.

With one soft touch, handle-less pull-outs, drawers and lift systems open effortlessly thanks to the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system.


Lighting Solutions

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