Zone Planning

  • All well planned kitchens start out by first planning the individual kitchen work zones.
  • Studies regarding the kitchen work flows & their optimisation have led us to divide the kitchen work flows in to five dynamic kitchen zones
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As the name suggests this zone consists of Items that are consumed over a short period of time and replenished on a regular basis. This zone contains consumables such as canned food, rice and pastas as well as refrigerated and frozen products.

This activity zone is used to store items such as dishes, glasses and cutlery. It is also ideal location for odds and ends”(ie. Stationary, pens, houshehold papers etc)

Cleaning area accommodate bins for waste collection and storage as well as cleaning agents and utensils. The sink and the dishwasher are also in this zone.

The main work top is in the preparation zone. This is where preparation are made. Items such as kitchen utensils, knives, small electrical appliance, chopping boards, spices and mixing bowls are located in this zone.

This is certainly the heart of every kitchen. It contains items such as the hob, oven, microwave and extractor. The items required for cooking and baking are stored here - items such as pots, pans and cooking utensils.

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