Our Company

Lavish hardware collection founded in the end of 20th century, with an eye for detail and exclusivity. Lavish Has been associated with world known brands like Hafele, Blum, Kessebhomer etc right from the beginning giving best solution to architects and interior designers.

Come 2009, 10 yrs latter Lavish extended to the field of Modular kitchen. Since inception Lavish Kitchen has gained recognition as a pioneer in providing superior quality kitchen solution that are unique and backed by world class technology from Blum and Hafele.

A good kitchen constantly extends an invitation to cook and dine together. To sit together and to talk. To celebrate parties and to relax. As a hub of communication, as a room in which the family and friends converge, the planning of such a kitchen makes great demands on function, ergonomics and design. Only if it is geared towards the individual can it create individual, liveable structures. Tailored solutions that become an expression of the individual’s personalityLavish The design of Lavish kitchen goes way beyond the requirements of furniture design. Lavish thinks in terms of spaces, not units. At the centre is the individual, his wishes and his needs. All of our products are based on the holistic interaction of aesthetic and ergonomic factors. The unity of form and function creates an unmistakeable overall quality that is reflected in every single detail.

Lavish kitchens are individually designed, unique creations that blend perfectly with the architecture of the room and satisfy the needs and wishes of its owners. Wherever exclusivity and authenticity are held in high esteem, Lavish is considered the real thing.

This reflects in our motto “Style with Functionality”.

Our Mission

To produce kitchen furniture for domestic use that satisfy the expectations of our customers in terms of safety, functionality, quality/price ratio. Through continuous improvement of internal expertise, Lavish intends to offer customers services also highly innovative, without losing sight of the interests of all stakeholders of the company

Values of inspiration for the MISSION

  • Reliability of the product (security and functionality)
  • High Quality/Price ratio
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of internal expertise
  • Innovative services available to customers
  • Attention to all stakeholders
  • Respect of the Environment

Our Leading Brands

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